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MONTBLEAU – Architectural Woodwork

Established 1980

MONTBLEAU is a professional team of approximately 280 craftsmen, project managers and engineers established by Ron Montbleau in 1980. Our team is experienced and skilled in manufacturing architectural woodwork, corporate furniture and casework for large hospitality and commercial projects.


Architectural Woodwork • Casework • Furniture Making

Including in our scope of services:
Metal • Glass • Fabric & Leather Panels • Banquette Seating • Stone


Who we are, and the team behind MONTBLEAU

Ron Montbleau started Montbleau & Associates, Inc. in 1980 in San Diego, California. With a background in Arts at the University of Massachusetts and a furniture making apprenticeship in Boulder, Colorado, he specialized in custom designed fine furniture. Over time, we established a reputation for excellence in craftsmanship.

By the mid 1980's we expanded our focus into corporate office interiors including reception desks, lobbies, conference room cabinets and furniture.

Ron Montbleau – Founder and CEO

"The company continues to produce the highest level of quality workmanship and services. We have proven over the past 38 years to be worthy of "preferred company" status on our clients list of qualified contractors."

MONTBLEAU is Growing

San Diego

555 Raven Street • San Diego, CA. 92102 • (619) 263-5550

San Jose

2150 N First Street, Suite 414 • San Jose, CA 95131 • (408) 807-4060

Las Vegas

4600 Polaris Ave. • Las Vegas, NV 89103 • (702) 597-5511

Why have MONTBLEAU as part of your project team

3 Manufacturing Plants

200,000 SF of manufacturing space in three different plants.

Bonding Capabilities

MONTBLEAU is able to bond large projects.

Experienced Team

We are a team of experienced estimators, project managers, and project engineers.

Trusted Installers

85+ installation crew. All experienced and team driven individuals with a common goal.

"Ron, I wanted to send you this letter to thank you for the work that was completed at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. MONTBLEAU is one of the most trusted names in the architectural woodwork business. Your company's expertise in Pre-Construction was an integral part in the design assist process and value engineering budgeting that we needed on this large project.

Montbleau's collaboration with the design team and their craftsmen on the field helped create the best results. They all worked with our team to meet a very challenging schedule to complete an iconic project that required the highest quality of craftsmanship not only in manufacturing but also on the installation of their work.

Montbleau has Turner's highest recommendation on any large project that require high quality work delivered on time. . . " Respectfully, Turner Construction Company - Brendan W. Murphy / VP Operations Manager